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IR116: Physics, Dafts and Axes

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Quite possibly the best "deal with it" gif ever.

Cracked: Seven Classic Movies That Are Shameless Ripoffs

Yeah, I really hate the word "ripoff" the way it's used across the internet. Then again I hate the word "classic" when it's missed entirely.


Look, if you boil anything down to its basics, which this piece does, you're going to have similarities. Next thing you know, "The hero is a man" is suddenly proof of a ripoff of something else. I mean, are you saying because there's a comic strip with a foul-mouthed teddy bear that anything that has a foul-mouthed teddy bear is a ripoff of it? Because that's EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS SAYING. Same with The Hunger Games. There's tons of stories just like it if you're going to use such a wide-blanket to try and encompass it. Or Avatar. Or Star Wars. The broader you try to make something, the more it's going to appear similar to something else that you are equally making broad just to try and "prove" something.


"Rip off" means theft. Blatant theft at that. None of these are "shameless." There's a difference between something having a "general idea shared with something else" and "shameless ripoff."

Daft Punk Medley

Sometimes, I'm just blown away by sheer talent. This is that.



Man At Arms: Gimli's Axe

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Nerdist: movie Monsters

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Russian Mario Cartoon

Weird? Yes. It's Russian, of course it's weird. But it's also neat.




Chrono Cross Music

I'm not sure why I overlooked this video series from Gametrailers, but I have to go back and rewatch them all. Anything "Chrono" is good in my book. Chrono Cross may have been a cluster-f of a game, just a bunch of ideas with no cohesion, its presentation was top-notch. I remember buying Final Fantasy VIII specifically for the Chorno Cross disc, which was only a video. I still get goosebumps on Another World - At the Shore of Dreams.


Ungh, and Poshu…damn I forgot about that character. hated that thing/dog/whatever it is.

Pop Fiction: The Lost Levels

All these years and we're still discovering things about Super Mario Bros.



Crazy Facebook Amy Thing Wow...

Wow. Just. Wow. I couldn't even get a title to really describe it, but if you were on the interwebs last week you probably saw it already.

I don't know if I've ever, no…wait I have. Yes, I do know some people like that. Sad, now that I think about it. Delusional, self-righteous. Dude, if Ramsey is walking out on you, you have problems.



io9: Letters (Children are Morons)

A really good editorial/letter section here. I like the line: "no one wanted the prequels to be good more than Star Wars fans" It's easy to forget that, but when these things were coming out, every Star Wars fan from the previous twenty-something years came out in droves hoping to be wisked away that galaxy far far away one more time.

I never understood this movement that the "prequels are just as good as the original trilogy." They're not. Period. It has nothing to do with nostalgia, it has to do with the fact that George Lucas isn't a good filmmaker. A good man full of ideas. A man with the best intentions. But let's face it, the best George Lucas productions are the ones he didn't direct and write. Sure, he was involved and helicoptering around everything, but that's his strength: as an overseer to make sure everything stays together. In other words, George Lucas is a mediocre filmmaker, but an absolutely fantastic producer of films.

It doesn't take a genius, which is kind of the point of the article, to see the flaws in the prequels. It has nothing to do with dialogue, but just storytelling and complete disregard for emotional impact on anything. It's stilted, lacks that sense of organic emotional arcs and characters we can come to care about. They're often convoluted, which makes it even more problematic considering that we already know the plot. The backstory was already told to us, the prequels were there to showcase that which we already knew, and instead of really nailing it, Lucas tried to move away from the basic storytelling principles of the original films (based on old tropes, something he's great at) and tried to write a politically-minded, conspiracy-focused multi-threaded tale - the exact opposite of what the original trilogy was - which was straightforward, simple, and let the characters and adventure drive the plot.


And you can't really say it's all nostalgia, because there's been generations of fans that came after the original films were out in theaters. I know I grew up on them on VHS, for example. Kids are stupid, but some things are just a consensus of quality: the Beatles are great, George W. Bush was an idiot and Star Wars was amazing.




Retroware: Turtles in Time

I think…I think I'm in love.


Sorry. What? Hey…um…video….good…stuff…I like turtles.



LGR: The Incredible Machine

So many games today are just like this, and not much has changed since the original.



Six Things About Benedict

I can never really get a good read on Mr. Cumberbatch, but he seems like a pretty likeable guy at least. He's also a damn good actor.

Smooth McGroove: Sonic 2

The guy is impressive, you have to give him that.


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Batman's Bad Day

Holy Macaroni, Batman. Why am I just now finding this funny little animated series?

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Awkward Spaceship: Physics!

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Cracked: Classic Movies that Ruined Careers

I tend to give Cracked a lot of shit when it comes to their movie bits, as I noted above already. A lot of times the writers have no clue what they're talking about, the editors don't…edit, and nobody every fact-checks as I noted in my extensive Plot Hole blog where I ripped the entire thing to shreds. Seriously if you're going to ask people on the internet to send stuff in, you have an obligation to make sure it's actually true before putting it out there. "Not a plot hole" aside, that I can forgive because most are just ignorant, some are just flat-out made up.

This, though, isn't that. This is actually a really good article.

Spoony: Final Fantasy XIII

It occurred to me I haven't really posted anything Spoony/Noah has put up lately, mainly because I've grown tired of the "angry" ranting of internet video folks, a little tired of his particular shtick and just generally tired of the beating of dead horses. That being said, this is his final (you can watch the previous ones) entry in his shredding of Final Fantasy XIII.


Problem is, out of all his videos, I feel it's the weakest. I don't know if there's anything that Spoony, or any of the guys that do similar stuff like this, runs by other people to filter out. They kind of just do it and put it up there without really bouncing ideas off of others or getting constructive criticism back on things. They're also stuck in a rut as many probably feel what they're already doing is fine, they get the viewers, so why listen to anyone? Let's face it, nobody else is doing it, so somebody has to. Spoony's a pretty approachable guy, at least from my brief hellos to him at E3, but he doesn't seem like someone that would want to listen to someone giving notes and pointers.

If I were to be that person, I would have said cut that Insano bit by half, use that to transition to the next part and think more in broader-strokes for these videos rather than focusing on minutia. Small details are fine, but there's better way to be critical of them and to add to what is essentially a very long comedy sketch about complaining.

He does a great job with context, something he's always done well actually, and bringing up other games to relay points and can be clever in how to incorporate some comedy, but it makes me want to kind of say this when he or any of the video-makers drone on:


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Seriously, it's a video that should be half that runtime and all four parts no more than a half hour. Line up your points, knock them down, throw in the gags and don't dwell constantly on things that really aren't that important. That bit about the Cyrstarium would have been ten times more effective if it was one or two minutes instead of seven or eight.

I think the era of the video-blogger in this vein is coming to an end, but some are going to ride it right straight to that end. Guys like Spoony should have evolved by now, look to do different things, but sometimes people just become complacent.



And here's an awesome piece of art. Apologies to the artist, I had the link to his deviant art page and lost it and searching in Deviant Art is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, apparently.

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