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IR108: Ramis, Escapes & Beetlejuice

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 2:35 AM

AV Club: Beginners Guide to Harold Ramis

Ramis is a name that afns of film and comedy know really well, but I don't know if it's ever been as popular or well known as a Murray or Akroyd (his often collaborators) or even a Landis. I've always loved the man's work, and this is a great look as to why.

Oh boy, here we go...let's get this one out of the way.

Six Sci Fi Movies with Unaddressed Problems

Ungh, alright, here's some issues I have with each entry of this article. And keep in mind, we're trying to find logic in movies about ESP and Time Travel…so…yeah.


#6: The whole "bomb" thing in The Dark Knight Rises was just a Macguffin if anything: a plot device at best. But the only good point out this entry is why build a functioning reactor if its use and practicality is still up in the air? You can show the data and prove something working without having to actually build the thing.


#5: Except that they wouldn't. This isn't established on how the holographic ads work in Back to the Future II, so you can't poke holes in it if we still aren't entirely sure how they work in the first place. As far as we know, they only occur when someone is on the ground and looking at the title of it and it can only be seen from their perspective.


Not only that, we aren't sure if it's an ad in the first place. It could just be something that particular movie theater set up and is only available to see at that particular spot, not when you're flying around in a car.


#4: This one starts well: putting criminals in a stasis doesn't help the system, but ends poorly. I don't know, but while I agree that the whole "stasis" thing in sci fi doesn't make  lot of sense, the path this entry goes down seems all over the place as though it can't quite decide what it wants its argument to be. I would have just stayed with the "stasis doesn't make practical sense" argument. It's broader and easier to justify.


#3: Out of all the questions about the time travel (like, how do they exactly zap them to a tarp in a field?), you're asking why they make Loopers kill themselves? This was explained in the movie: they get their final payment. If they're assigned to a certain region to kill people that are sent back to them, they have a contract and when that contract is done, they have 30 years to live freely before "closing their loop." They get their final big pay day. The future folks need to know where to send that last batch of money, and the only way to logically do it is to send the future self back to be killed by their former selves.


Also note, the movie shows that extra care is supposed to be given to the older selves, who are bound better than the usual ones and are dressed exactly the same so they are indistinguishable. And they can't "confirm" that someone was killed. The movie says it's a one-way street. There' going back, but no going forward or sending messages forward.


#2: Surrogates did a horrible job explaining the workings of its world. This is just one of many issues, but a valid one.


#1: Except when they're not. This entry I've read three times and it makes no sense. What is the point the writer is even trying to make? That blasters aren't as good as bullets? How is that an "Unaddressed Problem?"




RPT: Dynamite Cop

A fun arcade game that a lot of people probably never even played. If you can, whether it be MAME or what haveyou, you should check it out.

 Insane Office Escape

Get ready to have your mind blown.

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Bioshock Under the Sea (Animated)

As one of my favorite video games ever, I truly enjoyed the parody song full of inside jokes and fun animation.



Man at Arms: He-Man

Someone made a He-Man sword. You know, because why not?

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Kotaku (yes I'm posting a Kotaku article): Adam Sessler

"The Sess" has been around for a while, and he knows his shit when it comes to video games. While I can't say this isn't an incredibly written piece, it does feel nicely comprehensive on the man's career. If you're a gamer, you should know him.


Gamesindustry: Entitled Gamers, Corrupt Press and Greedy Publishers

Yeah yeah, you're probably tired of this. I write about all of the above quite a bit, but now read all that only by someone else. The title is pretty self-explanatory, and it makes me wonder how much longer the game industry can sustain it.



Beetlejuice Coaster in Minecraft

Some people write, some draw, some spend their free time in mine craft.

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Myths Busted

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Cracked: True Stories Behind Famous Songs

Not surprising there's a lot of Beatles on there, but it's a fun little set of info from Cracked users.



Here's a picture of someone's art as they succumb to LCD. Oh, science...

I was going to post it, but it's rather lengthy with all the different pictures. So click the link and see a pretty acculturate visual representation of someone losing their mind.

Since I can't post that pic, here's this one: Ready. Set. Nerd.

Ooh, and why not...the real reason Hannibal was insane. He was an otaku (and apparently a broney)


Gary Oldman Loses his Shit

Mr. Oldman celebrated his birthday last week, and this is a great tribute to him. He's only one of the finest actors of his generation, even when he's super-hamming it up.



YCPT: Importing Games Part One

A far better fit at retroware than at That Guy With the Glasses/Blistered Thumbs/Whatever the hell they're doing these days, JewWario gives us a nice instructional video about importing games.

Oh, and J-dub, people watch because you're a good host,



Six Very Disturbing Moments in Videogames

You know, I never played Condemned. I've heard nothing but good things about it, maybe I should track it down.

Here's a pick for the Wreck it Ralph spinoff coming soon.


Bleep Bloop: The M&M Trilogy

Though I noted the Wii was a fine system in an old blog, shovelware is going to be the biggest thing people remember. Not amazing, but it covered its grounds…at least in terms of Nintendo games. What it'll be most remembered for, sadly, is shit like this.



The Best Opening Scenes in Movie History

I feel like they just did this to cover every single great opening scene.

And let's end with another pic...

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