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IR102: Starting back up.

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Here's a few articles/vids/links and whatnot from the past few weeks on the internet. Some are old, as I've been busy and haven't had a chance to really do a round up lately, but hey...trying to get back on track. So if you missed some of these, check 'em out.

Lost RPG

When it was on, everybody loved it, but because the writers couldn't quite find where to go with all the set up they've been writing for years, it's kind of left a bad taste in everyone's mouths.

NYT: Lindsey Lohan

In case you missed it, this is a hell of a look in to making a movie. Lohan aside, it's damn insightful.

Since this, the film seems DOA - as in nobody wants to distribute it.

TR: Production Art that Never Made it to the Screen

And thank god, because some of these are just awful. The Ninja Turtles IV art in particular. If you missed that article, you can read it here.

Ah...the 90s.

MovieBob: Django Racist?

At first, I was like "eh…kind of overdone at this point." But Bob really does a great (and lengthy) job of going through a history more than an opinion here. That's something Bob has really shown he's good at: just lining up the points and expressing them effectively. Better than most.

General Leo Glitch

As a long-time fan of gaming, this was always one of the rumors that was around even before the internet. Gametrailers, in what's really become their best series, takes a look at how the "General Leo glitch" in Final Fantasy III (or VI if you're cool) might just be the real thing.

One Ring: Music Video

Hey, like One Direction?

Yeah, me either, but this is a fun little goofy music video.

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Everything Wrong with Avatar in 4 minutes

Want a quick lesson on how not to critique a film? Watch this:

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Sorry, this horse is dead (both the bandwagon Avatar-hate my shaking of head towards moronic, junvelille criticism), but here's the things in this video that are ACTUAL critiques. Everything else is irrelevant, nit-picking bullshit from someone who just wanted to do a video:

#13: A trained soldier wouldn't go wandering off by himself.

#23: A stretch, but tracking Avatar's should be a part of the technology of this future. It's pretty basic and something that would have been addressed upon development of this technology.

#38: A bit of dialogue that always struck the wrong chord with me as well. You're in the military, what did you sign up for then?

#45: Bad structuring if there ever was one. The reveal of "other clans" should have come much earlier in the film. It feels forced.

That's it.

Sure, there's some weird things, but none are detrimental to the film. They're just things that maybe you just didn't personally like, but there's no case given as to why it hinders the film.

There are actual criticisms to be made, but instead we get a video that shows that people on the internet simply like to bash shit for the sake of bashing it and use the word "rip off" as though that actually says something intellectual. I mean, look at #54. Who the hell cares when she painted a blue stripe on her face? How is that something "wrong" with anything?

Want to know the real truth here? Because everyone with a keyboard or video-editing software can do a film "review" doesn't mean everyone should. I'd argue that the internet hinders film criticism and actual, practical critiquing to levels I can best compare to the Twilight books being considered "literature" these days. Passing it off as just "entertainment" now isn't cutting it. It's boring, tired, shallow and overdone as everyone jumps on board to be nihilistic at any given moment. Hell, this video was made years after the film came out and still made no new case or be an actual critique of a film - because why be smart when you can just be shallow? And that's what we're stuck with: constant bombardments of shallow criticism that passes itself as being funny or witty or smart, but is really just a way you can pass four minutes of your day and soon forget everything it just said. No depth. No impact on your own thoughts or making you see things in a new light. Just bashing for the sake of bashing (and to get video hits).

But most of all, can we just not have a bit of fun when we go to the movies? Do we have to be nihilistic assholes all the time and just pick things apart to no end, especially when the things really aren't that bad in the first place? Do we have to go plummeting in to something and dig for faults just to make ourselves feel better? ...I'll leave all that for another time, but man, if you have to "try" to really beat something to death, then it's probably not that bad to begin with.

Homeland RPG

Yeah, that's pretty much the show. It's a good show, don't get me wrong, but it's mainly because of the acting not the strange scripts that are shoved out the door.

Cinemassacre: Favorite Hitchcock Films

My own list of favorite Hitch movies is probably about the same. I don't think anyone can argue with the Top 3 or 4. Really, trying to put an order on those is just impossible.

I do disagree with the first "masterpiece" though. The Lady Vanishes is damn near perfect.

Cinema Snob: Trailers

Great puns all around. These short form riffs are great and Brad should consider doing them a lot more. Out of all the internet "critics" out there with shows like this, Brad is one I think can weather the storm and have lasting appeal.

6 Unforgettable Jump Scares

Nothing overly surprising here, truth is it's a bit of a predictable list, but it's nice to see it grouped together and complete with video links.

LZR: Isle of the Dead

One of the best youtube shows about games and computer goodness if Lazy Game Reviews. It's always entertaining but also full of history about gaming that shows some time put in to it all. This awful-looking Wolfenstein knock-off is a good look back.

Super Mario Busters

Like chocolate and peanut butter. Just a colorful, energetic piece of animation full of a lot of originality and fun.

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And lastly, an insightful image from Fallout New Vegas which, I believe, is about the internet:

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Reply Joshua
9:00 PM on February 15, 2013 
Ah yes, CinemaSins. That one YouTube channel that exemplifies everything I hate about film reviews. They just didn't bash on Avatar, but also managed to rip on perfectly good films like The Avengers, Skyfall, Looper and even The Dark Knight Rises. I swear that they don't even believe in some of their stupid nitpicks in their videos.