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IR98: del Toro and Politics

Posted on October 27, 2012 at 6:35 PM

Gaming Historian: The Nintendo 64DD

Nintendo has its shares of failures out there, though this one doesn't reach the heights of a Virtual Boy (which had more games, but also a much bigger investment), it's a pretty failed experiment.

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Moviebob: Attack of the Super Monsters

Beautiful. Just, wonderfully beautiful. Thanks for the weirdness, Japan.


New Yorker on Obama

Obstructionism is the worst thing plaguing this country. "My guy didn't win, so I'm going to make your guy look bad" is something a junior high student election should be about. Then again, how many politicians went to junior high? I think they were grown in fields somewhere, or maybe were aliens.

This pretty much outlines, very thoughtfully, elements of Obama's first four years, and how progress and proven reforms need to be voted over the regressive stalemate that Republicans hold on to. It's disappointing to me, there's some things that I agree with from a conservative platform, but this "all or nothing" approach politicians play killed any hope of me ever wanting to associate myself with "the Right." I see a man who wants to do good, but probably underestimated the political game as his supporters probably overestimated the notion that one man can do everything we ask of him. I see someone with empathy and fairness , pushing for new ideas that would never fly with a Republican administration or even be considered in contrast to his opponent who made a career in bankrupting companies to gain millions and changes his stance out of convenience of popularity rather than firm platforms.  Then again, I feel like Obama comes from a world I can relate to, therefore expressing my voice, whereas Romney's, when he's not stammering over his own sentences, is a world where a lot of white guys  take pictures holding and posing with cash. Oh wait, he does.


Plus, and I hate to do sweeping generalizations because it's not like its everyone, but there's just such venom and hatred and bigotry and ignorance on the far right that I don't want to associate with it even if I had a 200 foot pole. I don't really see that from the other side, where communication (and admit with a lot of snarky sarcasm that does nobody good) seems to be more prevalent. I mean, there's a website called "Yourniggerpresident" (which I won't be linking to, obviously) and t-shirts that say "put the white back in the white house."  And you know what? That underlying seed of bigotry is the root of that "us versus them" that's really been there for decades, now screen pressed and go-daddied for all to see.


No politician is perfect, which probably will surprise the Gary Johnson supporters out there (sorry guys), and I have never 100% agreed with any person in any office ever. Hell, I don't think anybody ever has in the history of forever. For me, it's a combination of progressive ideas, social issues and empathy.  


On a related note, why are some Gary Johnson supporters so invasive about their candidate? Guys, tearing down an Obama or Romney to make your own guy look good isn't going to convince anyone to suddenly jump to your platform. Plus, could it just simply be that people don't agree with Gary Johnson enough to want to jump ship? Could it be that Johnson, especially to me, is too idealistic and often over-simplifies very complicated situations just to be that "other" voice rather than realistically approaching it as though he could flip a switch and all will be fine? Sure, we'd love to stop this or do that. Who wouldn't? But saying so and doing so are two very different things, otherwise his talking-points are no different than any other politician's talking points in that they're just talking points.

Besides, for me personally he lost me on his stance on healthcare so quit trying to shove him down my throat, but I'll save that for another time. Actually probably not. I'm tired of politics at this point, just get this election season over.


Top 10 Educational Games

Number Munchers!  Whoooooo! Number Munchers!


AVGN: Ghosts n Goblins

This is just classic AVGN. Easily one of the hardest games ever. Todays' games are baby-toys compared to this.


The Greatest Event in TV History

This is brilliant, but I also want to make sure you go to Youtube and read the comments. Holy crap…are people ever missing the point of this. I mean, here's some I'll just paste here so you get the idea:


"tentacles and a chinese girl was more greater historical event in tv then this bullshit"


"Stupid ass shit."


"Da fuck I thought I missed something really cool this is crap"


"were the fuck is my gun im fucking through cant describe that im killing myself thats bullshit"


These are probably the same people who think Between Two Ferns is an actual cable access show and that they've "seen better." Then again, the commenters are probably ten year olds.

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Interview with Guillermo del Toro

A great, and very insightful, interview with a guy that just loves moviemaking.

Tom Hanks: Beat Poetry


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Why Speed Racer is an Unsung Masterpiece

Well, "Masterpiece" is a bit of strong hyperbole, but it's damn sure not as bad as people make it out to be. It's an incredibly creative and well-done piece of cathartic, uninhibited imagination sprawled out on the screen. I've always loved the film.


Even better are (at least as of this writing) the agreeable comments who also share their love of the movie.


The Greatest Fan Film Ever

No, really. It's a great little video about a remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Check it out, it's what real "fandom" is all about (despite the fact Harry Knowles is involved here) - a hell of a lot more than some moron sitting a computer writing a blog.

Wait a minute…

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LGR: Copy Protection

Nothing funny or humorous here, all technical, and I find very interesting. So if you're a tech geek and pc gamer, this might be a video you'll enjoy.


Guillermo Del Toro's Man Cave

Your man cave will never be as cool as this.

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