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IR76: Mst3k, Lee & Yoshi

Posted on April 22, 2012 at 7:40 AM


Topless Robot: Five Reasons Mike is Better than Joel and Joel is Better than Mike

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The show hasn't aged a day and, honestly, if there ever was a time for a show to make a comeback it would be today. I suppose Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic will have to do.

This article takes a look at two of the hosts with five reasons a piece why each is better than the other. It's a perfect article, mainly because I agree with it: neither is better than the other and both have their different appeals. The big one is their relationship to the bots for me. Sometimes in a mood for a Joel lecture/teaching-banter and intellectual wit gag, other times a Mike insult-fest and a little more edgy content. On a side note, Space Mutiny just got a DVD release.

Paste Mag: HBO's Girls

I've watched the pilot of Girls, the latest from HBO, and I would have to agree with this review of it. Like any show, I give anything three to four episodes before I call it, but the utter self-absorption in Girls is already a turn off for me. Then again, I also didn't like Tiny Furniture all that much either and for the same reasons: a sense of entitlement mixed with ugly personalities.

The review does note it gets better, and the issues are often addressed (in other words "grow up" is something that actually occurs) but the generalizations are still apparent.

Criterion: Alambrista

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Criterion's website has some of the best film essays, articles, videos and photos about film on the internet. Here's a neat little one with Edward James Olmos.

Video Essay: Spike Lee's Dolly Shots

Note: not a "video essay" but an essay accompanied with a video. The video itself is a collection of Spike Lee's dolly shots, probalby his most defining visual aspect in the same way Kubrick is with a tracking shot or a Scorsese freeze frame.

Pop Fiction: Saving Purple Yoshi

This is really one of the best video series going on today. Go and check out past videos too, because these classic videogame "myths" have driven people nuts for decades. Here is the latest with a Yoshi Story myth- Yoshi Story being a great, yet often not mentioned (probably because it is pretty easy and short), side-scrollers.

io9: The Greatest Video of Explosions and Destruction in Slow Motion

You always wanted to see some of these things growing up, didn't you? Ah, this is nice.

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Final Fantasy VII's Midgar in Minecraft

Someone has way, way, way too much time on their hands.

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12 Awesome Celebrities Playing themselves in Movies

Hmmm…now where have I seen a lot of this before?

Nah, just kidding. That's unfair and I hate people that do that because usually it's wrong. This is an awesome little article.

FSR: 24 Things We Learned From the Total Recall Commentary

"We have no idea what was in that cab that it exploded, but it exploded, anyway," - Ahnold.


Music Video: Video Game Rock Medley

Yay, memories!

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FSR: 6 Filmmaking Tips from David Fincher

Fincher is such a wonderful filmmaker. His style and visual acuity to set a scene is second to none right now.

TR: Weird Creatures that Need Syfy Movies

First off, is that how we're spelling it now? "Syfy?" Ungh…

But this is an awesome little article about some very obscure mythical monsters that might just get their own…


Ah…"Syfy" as in "Syfy network monster movie of the week." Ah…yes…I'm slow…

Cinema Snob: The Last House on the Left

It seems a rule of thumb that Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left is a horror classic. Truth is, I always had issues with it and the Snob kind of shows why - it just has strange tonal shifts that seem to really negate the severity of the situation. It's still a good flick, make no mistake, but even great movies have problems that need to be pointed out.

Cinemassacre: The Dungeonmaster

Cinemassacre: The Borrower

A two-fer this week from Cinemassacre. One from Mike the other from James...but really the James one takes the cake. It's one of those movies you can't believe someone actually made.

io9: Twin Peaks Art

There's another Twin Peaks art exhibit happening, this time in Santa Monica rather than downtown LA. A lot of these pieces I've seen before, but it's also just a few of the ones showing. I may just have to stop in sometime in the next month or so and check it out. It's free, after all.

io9: 10 Ways Self-Hating Fans Make Genre Entertainment Worse

Thank you Charlie Jane Anders. There's certainly some issues when it comes to fandom of things, but sci fi and fantasy fans are some of the most notoriously worst. Most specifically, number three on this list has always been an issue for me. Listen, you want to hate Twilight, fine, but there's no reason to be mean spirited towards the fans. Those fans could easily turn and mock the things you enjoy as well. In fact, there are probably people that think you're stupid for liking stuff too. Maybe you feel hurt by it. Don't Pay it Forward.

Rolling Stone: Axl Rose and the Hall of Fame

I have to kind of play Devil's Advocate here for Axl Rose. Sure, he was kind of a douche in how he went about it, but he brings up some interesting points: exactly what is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? How is it ran? Who really votes and what is the criteria?  Why is the founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?

Did you know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gets paid from record companies to put their artists in the nomination bracket? Yeah, because they pay the Hall thousands every year to make that happen yet still get "charity" status. It is, in the end, a big publicity stunt to sell tickets for a lavish dinner and get on television to sell ad space.

Outside of that, inductees are questionable at times as well. While we can certainly say Cream, The Doors or Zeppelin deserve to be in, and are, why exactly is The Jackson 5 or Miles Davis, a motown and jazz artist (who have their own Halls of Fames) in it? Then you have Grandmaster Flash and Run DMC, rap acts. Exactly what is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Is it just an all inclusive club of music? What is the criteria?

I mean, I'll give some leeway. For example Prince, BB King, or Bonnie Raitt (all inductees) though not full "rock" certainly have elements to their music that could be considered as such. But Otis Redding? Does he belong? I fucking love Otis Redding too, but is it Rock and Roll?

Rose isn't the first to give the Hall of Fame a kick in the pants. The Sex Pistols were another band a few years ago that refused to attend, though they spoke far more despairingly about the the Hall than Axl ever did. Axl's concern stems more from lack of clarity in what the Hall is meant to be about and its business practices than some sort of hatred as a whole towards it.

In the end, people need to lay off the guy. There's a lot of problems with the Hall that are probably the root of his attitude towards it, though he could have done it in a less douchier way in that expression.

The Art of Film and Title Design

Pretty self-explanatory and a great watch. It focuses on two films with fantastic opening titles primarily: Zombieland and Blue Velvet. Great movies too.

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