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Trailing Trailers #222

Posted on June 6, 2014 at 6:15 AM




Hey here’s another muscly armed trailer. Mmmm hmmmm

You know, it looks mighty crazy. Visually I have to say I love it. Just ancient greek monsters getting beat up and beating things up and….

….I just don’t know about Ratner, is all. I’ll see The Rock in anything, but I don’t think I’m rushing out to see this to be honest. I will eventually, though.

Very Good Girls


Strong and powerful trailer here, and it looks damn good. Great cast throughout, and these two young women are some of the best actors working today so there’s that also. This must have been one hell of a script to get so many actors on board, including one Agent Coulson.

Lot of coming-of-age movies this week for some reason. Here’s another...

Ping Pong Summer


An 80s comedy made for today, and it just might be up my alley. If my love of The Golbergs is any indication at least. Good cast of actors here and I think that’s what might make this unique, plus it looks pretty funny in that understated kind of way (like an Adventureland did with the same type of material).

Love that 80s-inspired poster too. Oh, and as I said, it's a theme this week. Here's another one:

Helicopter Mom


I’m not entirely sure on this, to be honest. I think it could be funny, but I worry it might be going the wrong route to get there. It could be fun and sweet, but it could also be undermining a few social issues as well. It could also be undermining logic a bit too, because no matter how helicoptery (not a word) a mom might be, surely she wouldn’t be dumb enough and blind enough to pull a stunt like this.

The Fault in Our Stars


I haven’t fully decided if I’m on board the Shailene Woodley train yet. I just haven’t seen enough from her to know if she’s a really good actress or not. Kind of one-note in a many respects.

Buzz for this movie has been pretty damn good. The trailer doesn’t do a ton for me, some of that dialogue is absolutely cringe-worthy, but I can’t deny the early reviews and I can’t deny that Michael Weber and Scott Neustandter are damn good writers (minus Pink Panther 2, of course). This movie will probably surprise just like 500 Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now did, though I liked the former far more.

Rigor Mortis


Let me tell you about asian vampires. No, that’s not a racial thing. It’s in asian cinema. Asian vampires are…weird. Really weird. You see, vampires have come up through various different cultures and in each they are drastically different with, usually, the only thing linking them together being “blood.” In much of Asia, in particularly China where this film comes from, vampires are more magical. They’re called jiangshi and are more demons than they are what we typically think of when vampires. It has to do with spells and life essence, though they share similar traits (superhuman powers and weakness to sunlight)

During the 1980s, the Jiangshi were big in Chinese filmmaking. Then they kind of fell out of favor, probably because western vampire popularity seem to rise around the world more than anything by the early 1990s thanks to western filmmaking really going crazy with them (1980s were big on vampires in the west too) and the Anne Rice vampire Lestat chronicle stuff which grew and grew in popularity then culminating in a pretty darn good movie by 1994 (just a few years after Coppola’s Dracula which made Dracula popular again). But the jaingshi are really interesting from a cultural perspective. This movie is made with the intention to not lose that cultural impact and uniqueness that the jaingshi have.

So yeah, there’s some history lesson there for you. I love me horror stuffs.


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