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E3 Blog: Day Two Press Conferences

Posted on June 15, 2010 at 5:05 PM

Second day conference impressions. Final thoughts on the conferences at the very end.


First off, I hate Reggie. But that’s unfair, I suppose. He does his job well, but it’s really the whole mentality of guys like him (for all the gaming companies) that get on my nerves. He’s PR all the way through, but he’s also just doing it for a paycheck. I do have to admit, the presentation moved very nicely. They didn’t try to do anything fancy or be too cute, they just did their job, threw in some nice puns and got the audience involved. and so kudos to them because the presentations up to that point had been atrocious.

Nintendo kicking things off with Zelda took balls. That’s something most companies would hold off on for the final reveal. Zelda Skyward Sword looks exactly like a Wii Zelda game should look. It’s crisp, artistic and sharp looking. The motion controls are exactly what they should be – and the sword / shield use looks great. Still, I’m wanting to see how the game is structured. Will it be mission based or just traditional Zelda fare? I’m curious if they did more than just work on the controls and really came up with something with depth in the alterations. Either way it’s Zelda, and despite some tech problems with the show, Miyamoto a tad embarrased but I’m sure someone got roundhouse kicked backstage, it’s exactly what people have been waiting for.

Lots of Wii ware type titles. Nothing I’m overly excited about, but Zelda and Miyamoto stole the show, obviously by that point anyways. Golden Sun DS looked pretty sharp. I haven’t played a Golden Sun game in years, but it’s good to see it’s not a dead franchise. Goldeneye remix was great, though I saw this trailer a few days beforehand so I didn’t know it was going to be some big reveal. The crowd loved it, it seemed, and out this holiday season...awesome.

Loved the art style in Epic Mickey. It seems it’s a bit of an adventure RPG on top of it all ....this could be a surprise hit. This looks like a combination of Okami and Kingdom Hearts and that’s pretty impressive.

Kirby is back, that is awesome. His games were some of the best back in the old days, and it seems they’ve stayed really true to him. Metroid Other M looked a lot, lot better than when we last saw it. Impressive trailer, much more of a “Metroid” feel to it all. This might end up better than originally thought. New Donkey Kong looked fun, though I would have liked to see a little more advancement than just redoing the older games.

The 3DS I’ll have more impressions on when I get my hands on it tomorrow. Hard to tell from just the conference and Iwata’s broken english. “You don need grasses.” “Supplies Kid Ikalus!” A great lineup of third party too, which was what many were concerned with – Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and the heavy hitters are bringing the likes of Metal Gear and Resident Evil to the fold. That’s huge, and you’re looking at the next big handheld, folks. They didn’t mention it, but there seems to be a Mario game coming for it as well judging by the little commercial they played.

Also, love the use of attractive girls at the end. I kind of chuckled. Such pandering, but not as bad as Microsoft's handing out of free Xboxs.


First off, the speaker here for Killzone 3 from Guerilla Games, I don’t recall the name and don’t feel like hunting it down, reminds me of those characters from Family Guy that are “Europeans who are in America enough to kind of sound American but not quite.”

The Killzone 3 demo (assuming it was live, it all looked a tad staged or at least rehearsed) was quite pretty looking. It will be interesting what the 3D will be, but even without it it’s quite impressive looking though artistically it’s stuff we’ve seen before. On a technical level, very nice. Speaking of 3D, Gran Turismo 5 in 3D is going to be pretty impressive as well, not to mention Tron which is perfect for it.

Playstation Move was pushed again, but not really forced (Kevin Butler is funny, I might add) like Microcofts conference was. Perhaps they saw how Microsoft’s Kinetic presentation turned out and decided to tone it down. New games for the first time is a great choice too, something missing in Microsoft’s conference.

The Sorcerer demo looked pretty interesting, and really showed the fidelity and precision you can get with the Move...I have to say I was pretty impressed. Everything flowed and moved very naturally and you actually heard applause from the audience. The Tiger Golf demo wasn’t bad, fans will like it, and the teaser for Heroes on the Move could be intriguing because the Playstation brand platformers are actually quite good.

Kevin Butler shows up, and he’s really the face of Playstation at the moment. He suddenly turned a rather business- oriented conference into something fun. Then it got boring again when he left and it shifted to the PSP and stuff I simply don’t care about.

Little Big Planet kind of just came and went a few years ago, now it’s sequel time. It’s no longer a game, though, and more of a development tool. They used it as a segway to discussing the PSN and Playstation Plus – but there’s nothing said about the Plus aspect that made me really desire it. I think they’re just wanting to get more money seeing as how most of the “free offers” have already paid for themselves by now. I have to say, from the PSP to the PSN I kind of just tuned out.

Then Medal of Honor showed up. Looked great, but as I said with the MS conference I’m burned out on First Person Shooters. They shifted to Dead Space 2 – and sign me up for that one, but I said that alraedy last time I saw it.

Surprise, say hello to Portal 2. This came out of nowhere. Also Gabe Newell, who sounds like he’s about to pass out (and he pokes fun at himself for that). Portal 2 for PS3, that’s a biggie although, to be honest, I don’t know if console gamers care about the Portal games.

Not a bad conference, but not a great one. The “exclusive” video at the end to showcase the upcoming games was underwhelming (unless you like FPS). Plus, most of what was shown we already saw (the exact clips, mind you) earlier in the show. What the hell? At least they got Castlevania in there for three seconds, but not a whole lot of new IPs going around. Then more repeated stuff with Gran Turismo 5, the third or fourth time we’ve seen it in the now two hour long conference.

Infamous 2 had a fantastic trailer, but I was lukewarm to the original, so we’ll see. Then a surprise with Twisted Metal. David Jaffe shows up (funny considering I just read some of his message board posts a day before) and we saw some online material with solid graphics. Not presented very well, seems kind of thrown together with the stage presentation, but it’s exactly what fans will want.

There’s one thing I have to say that Sony’s conference had that no other did: ego. Well, that and being overwrought and just unexciting. Everything had the sense of “We’re better than everyone” to it, from the quick promos to the on-stage banter. Then it kind of just faded out and little to nothing really new shown outside the Move material.


Final Thoughts:

Nintendo was head and shoulders above the rest. The games looked phenomenal, the 3DS and pandering to fans was well done and they hit all the right marks. Their conference had a good lenght, a great amount of energy and the 3DS is going to be the next big thing. A huge library planned already, and major, major developers and franchises behind it. That's how you present new hardware, folks.

Sony and EA came in about the same for me. Good, but not great mainly due to not a lot of new software and more self-promoting than pushing the envelope. A few nice entries here and there, but EAs was predictable and Sony's was just too damn long. Both were completely business-like, though. Not a tone of "fun" and, surprinsgly, not a ton of great new content really being showcased. Noticeably, both started well, then sunk down into a hole, then tried to rise back up at the end.

Microsoft and Ubisoft were the low ones here. Ubisoft's was a completely joke. Microsoft's wasn't as much of a joke and it's problems reside more in dissapointment. They showed some solid looking games, but nothing that blew the competition away like Nintendo's or even Sony's Killzone 3 presentation did.

Both Sony and MS pushed their motion stuff hard, taking up most of each presentation. MS had a good show with the Harmonix dance game, Sony with the Sorcerer title. But everythign else has nothing going for it.

Winner by a mile: Nintendo. That's great to hear because their past E3 showings had been underwhelming. Here they moved the show, had some fun, and reminded everyone that games are supposed to be fun first, technical marvels second.

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Reply SDMC(Spencer)
8:20 PM on June 15, 2010 
I think the new Zelda game looks really interesting. Wind Waker was a huge breath of fresh air for the franchise, which they promptly blew out with Twilight Princess. The new Zelda game looks to be taking more chances, but we'll see.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of people around the internet complaining about how the new Zelda "looks like that stupid WW game," so it looks like the game will have an uphill battle, much like Wind Waker did.
Reply frdrizzt (Anthony)
9:29 PM on June 15, 2010 
Most gamers don't care about good games, they care about popular games. It's why more people like FFVIII and FFX than FFXII.

Sony never puts on a fun show, so it sounds like overall, the presentations were not surprising with regards to quality. Keep us informed of any good surprising things to come from this, and affirm other good games.
Reply J. Conrady
11:09 PM on June 15, 2010 
Yeah, I think the initial reaction by many is the Wind Waker issue. It has that to overcome, but it makes me wonder what would even make die-hard fans happy seeing as how Twilight Princess wasn't universally well received either. Then again, if they were die hard fans, then they would know that Wind Waker is a timeless masterpiece. But whatever. :)

I love the art style, I hope the lines aren't long tomorrow in playing them or I don't get distracted by the 100-hot girl 3DS Army on the show floor.

And yeah, Drizz, Sony was completely by the books but I do want to see the hub-bub regarding the 3D in Killzone. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but I am a fan of potential technology like that.
Reply toosmartforbond2
7:48 AM on August 7, 2010 
Nobody really likes FFVIII ... :p

I want Portal 2. And any excuse for more Zelda, really.