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Posted on August 18, 2012 at 6:40 PM

io9: Poorly Translated Avengers subtitles

I will post one. If you want to see more, click the link...and you know you will.


Batman versus Scarecrow

College Humor does a lot of Batman stuff, but it's usually pretty good too. This is one of their best.


Moviebob Big Picture: Beverly Hillbillies

I would love it if Bob took time to look back at old TV sitcoms. Green Acres. Gilligan's Island. Fantasy Island. The Love Boat. Happy Days. Bewitched. Brady's endless, and there's no series out there that I know of with someone looking back at what made the shows great, but also their relevancy to the period. Beverly Hillbillies is a great example of that.

Cinessamacre: SNES vs. Genesis

First of a two parter (part 2 is up now) old debate, but James Rolfe does a good job breaking it down. I loved both, enjoyed both, but the RPG factor of the SNES puts it over the edge for me.

Wes Anderson's Favorite Criterion Films

A very interesting list from Wes Anderson here, in that most of these aren't all that well known. Might have to check out those Imamura films now.



TR: 10 Best Episodes of The Tick Cartoon

A cartoon well ahead of its time, just a brilliant show from beginning to end. What's great is that the episodes are linked to so you can watch, so if you want to check out the series this is probably a good place to start.



Strickly Arcade: WWF Superstars

A new series from the Retroware crew covering a pretty classic arcade game. Check it out.



Bane plays Slender

This needs to become a series.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


Imax Frankweenie

Normal View....NORMAL VIEW!!! (get the joke? No? Shame on you)

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


Fan Kamen Rider Series Fundraiser

JewWario is a tough worker. He busts his ass to do internet videos focusing on bringing to your attention Japanese games that you can play (You Can Play This) and other Japanese-centric videos as well, covering movies, TV shows or just the culture itself. I've always been a fan. Here he's looking to start something far far different, well beyond just sitting in front a camera. He wants to a mini series. With scripts. And Acting. And special effects. And a story. All based on those long running Kamen Rider series from Japan. Think of Kamen Rider as…I don' know…kind of the Japanese Doctor Who..meets Power Rangers if you want the best awful comparison. Been around forever, has many different incarnations, and very very much rooted in its culture and wearing silly costumes and fighting monsters or other fighters. He also rides motorcycles.


Boyfriend Mocks Girlfriend's Youtube Show

Hilarious. women and


Cracked: 5 Dark Children's Cartoons

You could spend all day making a list of these, but here's 5 that are pretty dark and sometimes disturbing.


Heart of Coppola

A great brief mini-doc of Apocalypse Now. Love this video.

10 Movie Stars that Need to Retire

Let's take a look at this, one by one.

Sylvester Stallone: Not really. I mean, it's not like he's in a ton of movies, and the movies he is in suit him perfectly because he's usually writing/directing them.  Now...if he starts trying to do comedy again, then absolutely. But he's right where he needs to be.

Schwarzenegger: How can we say he needs to retire when we haven't seen him in anything since he's "come back?" Plus, I'm sorry, The Last Stand looks damn good. Even weaker of an entry than Stallone.

Steven Seagal: Now we're talking. Seagal is trying to hold on to his career with VOD and direct to DVD junk and's bad. And he's always been bad, but at least he was "good bad" like eating a big burrito you know is going to give you the shits but not caring. So agree with this one.

Mel Gibson: At this point, he needs to. He does need to stick around as a director, though. That's where he should focus his efforts. As a big star actor, he should let it go.

Charlie Sheen: he in movies these days? If he is, then he should retire. But he's fine on TV, there's nothing wrong with him there even though I don't watch him. From this entry, it pretty much looks like he's just doing stunt casting in films...and that's not exactly at the top of someone's game but he's not doing a ton either. Let Charlie be Charlie. Who cares?

Ashton Kutcher: Absolutely yes. I have never seen him good in anything. Stick to TV, the movies aren't your bag, man.

Adam Sandler: Double Absolutely yes. Best of all, I think people are catching on to just how bad Sandler is. His past few films haven't done well at all and he's never received good reviews. Sandler was a time and place, a product of his era that has been irrelevant for 12 years and good never.

Eddie Murphy: The fact is, if Eddie doesn't do those movies....somebody less talented will. They're studio comedy junk but they're going to find someone if not it might as well be Eddie otherwise it'll be far far worse.

I suppose, on this one, I agree...but like I said, from a pure objective stance, I don't want him to because those movies are happening whether you like it or not. It'll be Jim Carrey or something. Sandler produces and writes his shit, Kutcher produces as well. Eddie just looks for a paycheck.

Nicholas Cage: Hell no. Some movies need a Nicholas Cage. He can do ten films of crap, but when that one hits...boy does it hit. He does a ton of low-grade stuff, but I'll take all that bad if it means we'll get a Bad Lieutenant, Adaptation, Lord of War or a Kick Ass once in a while. As the entry says, if a director seeks him out because he knows how to utilize him, it's great.

Also, I kinda liked him in Drive Angry. Not a good movie...but it's Nic Cage fun.

Katherine Heigl: I can't separate myself enough to be objective here. I loathe Heigel. I loathe her acting, her producing, every movie she sets up with her mother so she can star in it herself and that treats love and relationships and men with the cynical aura of a Bergman movie minus the fun. Plus, she' hasn't been in a single good thing since Knocked Up and hasn't been particularly good anything ever in the history of forever. Plus, she's 33 and looks 43, so she's got that going for her too.



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