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IR79: Rotten Parts & Censorship

Posted on May 12, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Moonrise Kingdom Featurette

A making of video of Wes Anderson's upcoming movie. I'm still a tad bit cautious on the notion of Bruce Willis being in it, but the rest of the cast is so strong (and so very Wes Anderson) that I can let that go.

AV Club: Rotten Parts of Fantastic Wholes

Some of these "rotten parts" in film(s) and music you'll expect. Especially if you take a look at the first picture on the page. I certainly agree with some (Tom Bombadil, Cars 2, Squeeze) and others don't entirely agree with (Brotherhood of Steel and even Godfather III/IndyIV). Still, it's a good variety even if some are predictably listed.

io9: Zombie Procedural Short

Not a bad little short. It moves slow, so be warned. I'm linking to the io9 site as well because they also have a small writeup on it.

Giantbombcast: Adam Sessler

One of the best video game podcasts out there has a guest host, the recently unemployed Adam Sessler. Three hours of nerdom.

One of the best animated shorts you'll see this year. Great animation (stop motion, and very, very impressive stop motion at that), great narration and voice work. Just quality through and through.

Games and Music

A great piece of stop motion animation. Plus, I like the music. Where else are you going to see hungry hungry hippos get decapitated?

Disassembled: (Marvel Superheroes)

In the vein of...I don't know, Ren and Stimpy maybe? We have Disassembled, and really funny and well-done piece of animation that show all your favorite Marvel heroes at their worst.

Japanese Future/Retro Art

A brief collection of classic Japanese art that tried to predict the way our future would look. My favorite is from 1968:

Cracked: 24 Video Game Plot Twists That Would Have Blown Your Mind

Like games? Grew up in the retro world of Mario and Ninja Turtles? This might just be for you.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

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The Dictator interview

Sasha Baron Cohen sits down with Matt Lauer, in character, and just owns it. He's pretty brilliant.

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25 Minutes of Cave Johnson

Here's a bunch of lines from JK Simmons and his recordings from Portal 2. Great stuff.

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Claycat: The Raid

This is awesome. Just awesome. Enjoy it.

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Gaming Historian: The Nintendo/Universal Studios Lawsuit

A major historical landmark in the history of video games. Nintendo, at one time, was dealing with a major lawsuit in the early 1980s. If they lost this, it would have probably ruined them, but the chances of them losing, as you'll see, were pretty minor.

Retroware: Harmful Park

Wow, what an awesome looking game. If I had time I would probably hunt this one down. But for now, just learning about it cool enough.

Unaired Beastie Boys

From the shortened 3rd season of Chappelle's Show, we have an unaired, but still very well produced, bit with the Beastie Boys doing what the Boys did best.

Disney's Taxi Driver

Outside of a lame CG Mickey Mouse ears hat, this is just kind of a fun video with various Disney images put into the world of Taxi Driver, making it appear the whole, dirty, nasty world is just full of Disney stuff.

College Humor: Narnia Dogs Can't Stand

I've always thought about this when it came to fantasy, walking dogs. Dogs aren't made to stand on two legs. When they do, they struggle. This video showcases that, and is pretty damn funny.

Cracked: 14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People

Four words: Hitler on a sled.

There you.

Here's the picture, click the link for more.

If Pop Up Notifications Were Honest

You know you've had these, but more importantly thought they might actually say things like this:

Agent Coulson gives us his 5 Favorite Agent Coulson movie moments

Agent Coulson is awesome. Actually Clark Gregg is awesome, therefore anything Agent Coulson does is awesome.

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