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IR77: Batmen & Bobby

Posted on April 29, 2012 at 1:30 AM

Cracked: 18 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

As you probably know by now, I love photography and interesting pictures. This cracked series is the epitome of that. Just know that #1 is a bit disturbing.

This one is probably my favorite:

Conan: Dark Knight Fan Correction

Be warned, you may never look at Batman the same way again...or the Riddler. Especially The Riddler.


Somebody fund this now! Do it! I'll give you sandwitches!


A very fast paced stylish anime-esque animated short that's just awesome.

Muppet Art

Fitting as I finished up a Henson/Muppet themed week of reviews and photos. Here's some fantastic artwork with the Muppets. I love meshing different ideas in art (like Steampunk Star Wars).

 These two are my favorites I think, I like the group shots...


Speaking of Dark Knight, here's a birthday video

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Jack White and Gary Oldman

Yeah, you read that right. Two awesome things come together. Oldman is apparently a fan and did a video of Jack chatting, playing music and so on. Pretty cool, and a reminder of how awesome Gary Oldman is.

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On a side note, I am a fan of Jack's, but I really don't like the woman that accompanies him in many of the songs on his new album. Her Stevie Nicks-esque voice grates on me.

Mario in 2012

Pretty self-explanatory, but there's no denying that today's games are the poster-childs for handholding.

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Say no to Crack, Yes to Rollerskating

Keeping kids off the street since 1999…but looking like it was made in 1991. This is one of those local commercials that just have you in awe at how dumb and awful it is.

Retro Bobby

This was probably my favorite video this past week. It's a short I found on Vimeo about a barber who decorates his place in Nostalgia.

Cinemassacre: The Guyver

The Guyver 1 and 2 are a couple of movies I've always known about but never really had any interest in seeing. Actually, I always thought they looked pretty bad. This video kind of reinforces my assumption, but Mike's enthusiasm over the entertainment of the second one at least caught my interest.

Cinemassacre: Ghostbusters

In addition, Mike is playing while James is away, and this one is Ghostbusters, so you know I had to post it.

Countdown to The Thing

Countdown is a very popular show that only people in England know about and is kind of dry. The Thing is an awesome horror flick with people's head's splitting apart and lots of tentacles wave around. Here's an animated look at how the two might look meshed together.

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Dark Shadows Featurette

The Marketing Machine is in full force on Tim Burton's next flick, but that's fine. It actually looks like it could be pretty fun. This is a little featurette that shows a lot of clips we haven't seen, including Christopher Lee's scene.

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Cracked: 10 Cases of Hecklers being Destroyed

This…this is just great. I hate hecklers and obnoxious people at shows, and to see them try and stand against people who do it for a living is hilarious.

Joe Rogan is the one that really steals the show (in all honestly, the number one video is really bad quality and hard to hear). Rogan is kind of known for taking on hecklers, he's just great at insulting people. People that certainly deserve it.

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