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IR72: Pizza Cats and Mad Men

Posted on March 25, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Like the trailers this week, a pretty small grouping here of interesting videos/articles around the internet to check out. I guess not a lot really grabbed my internet-attention.

Movie Bob: Found in Translation

I can sometimes take and leave Movie Bob's movie reviews, but his Big Picture series is always pretty well done. Here he gives a brief, yet wonderful, look at Samurai Pizza Cats and the strange history of that series.


 Classic Comic Covers of Superman Acting like an Asshole

I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of creators of comics, but in particular old comics. Even Superman wasn't immune to some rather masogonistic things.



The Childhood of a Circle

What's great here is the narrator. It feels like it's taken from an old movie. A cute little animated short for those with a few minutes to spare.



Mad Men: The Game

If you're reading this, it's probably a Sunday. That's usually when I post it. So if you're reading this on March 25th, you better watch Mad Men tonight. If it's not March 25th, you better have watched Mad Men. It's really one of the best written shows in the history of television. Incredibly detailed, nuanced, intriguing. It plants you in a time, but more importantly is that it plants you in the mindset of that time. The way people act, how they view things, how they speak, what's popular or "normal." It's just a hell of a show.

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20 Facts About Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles is easily one of the top comedies ever made. It's one of those films you can't ever really describe to someone, you just have to see it. Experience it. Be in awe of some of things it does and the completely uniqueness of it being one of the most politically incorrect films ever made. It's that identity that has sustained it, but it almost never happened as we know it. This is a great piece detailing 20 things about the film.


Phelous: Child's Play 2

The Child's Play movies are pretty awful. The first one worked for the most part despite some serious flaws, but the second and on are forgettable. I will say that, maybe, they might be "dumb fun" but it's hard to overlook problems. Phelous and The Critic take a look at the second one, and hopefully they'll take a look at the movie-abortion that was Child's Play 3.


Game Quickie: Kid Icarus: Myths and Monsters

The Kid Icarus gameboy game is one of the best on the old handheld. This Game Quickie is a pretty solid look back at it. I never owned Kid Icarus for the old green and black gameboy. I think I rented it back in the early 90s.


Final Fantasy VII: Pronounciations

Final Fantasy VII was released at a perfect time when the world was ready for it, yet at a time when nobody really had internet to bitch about double check things. Now, with videos and details of Japanese culture and speech more prominent than ever, we know how to actually say some of these words. I still am not sure how you pronounce Tifa though.


James Cameron Sub Stuff

All I can say is "good luck, please don't die." I also think it's sad even though what he's doing is great. Science funding is difficult to acquire and hopefully his investment in not only the exploration, but in proof that these things are important will pay off. I just hope he gets all the way down there, everything works fine and something happens. I fear he'll make the trip, return fine but we get nothing from it.

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